3 Reasons the Creator Economy create change.

We often hear that the metaverse offers an infinite avenue for creativity. I believe in this argument, and I will aim to demonstrate it.

February 25, 2022

We often hear that the metaverse offers an infinite avenue for creativity and change. I sincerely believe in this argument, and I will aim to demonstrate three reasons why.

1 → In the information age, everything is a network, a chain, or a transaction.

To understand the first principles of the metaverse, we need to look at networks and how they interact. Networks exist and are seen all over in nature. We see emergent patterns that engage in transactional dialogues. Networks are the expression of life itself, transacting information on many levels.

And we are already doing this unconsciously. A text, a speech is a chain in time. A conversation is a transaction, and friends are our network. Proficient networks grow to connect as many things as possible. The metaverse only put those transactions into augmented, actionable, interactive, and open models of reality. Converging humanity's knowledge, assets, tools, and technologies into public goods can change society.

As an organism, humanity work as a network. We constantly exchange information, ideas, emotions, and intuitions —buckets of information and mechanisms with real-world consequences. All, in reality, emerge as a whole, so the metaverse is the nexus, the digital convergence point within all that can exist within it. As creators, we take those emergent patterns, those expressions of nature, and bring them to the digital level to leverage them.

These mental models become currency in the way we think, foundationally embedding the network effect of all transactions that can exist. Ethereum already aims to create the biggest computer on earth. Therefore, I believe the metaverse will create a super-cognition model. The metaverse will become humanity's superintelligence. And we will all create and contribute to it together.

2 → The metaverse will become humanity's eco system

Let's explore the different parts of the metaverse.


Blockchain records and verifies those transactions. And with smart contracts, we can engineer the mechanism of transactions. No need for you to do anything that can be automated anymore. Bye oligarchic banking system, bye-bye tedious, repetitive work.


Decentralized finance allows us to manage, automate, aggregate, and leverage any assets, including physical, virtual, experiential, informational, or even symbolic stores of value.


Our languages and even thoughts will translate and evolve into code through systemic linguistics and semiotics with no-code. Building your own smart contracts to facilitate contributions to the network will get easier and easier.


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations will replace businesses, converging the different actors to build projects and communities that can create value for the world.

Data / NFTs

NFTs are assets for the information age. They are mental models that transact in a system, enabling access to mechanics within the networks. Whatever they reflect.


Artificial Intelligence takes the information and cognitively produces results. It takes the existing information seen in nature or that we create as human and mirror it back to us.


Converge the internet experience into friendly and intuitive interactions.


Lastly, the metaverse converges information and systems into an experience happening in physical, virtual, augmented, or extended realities.

3 → Acting in circular economic models for the metaverse to create change

We all saw the recent effect of centralized powers and how they became a liability for humanity. The domination of dictatorships and the impact of war cost the destructions of lives, hope, and damage humanity for generations, possibly erasing all of us. Not to mention the effect on our global economic system, politics, and oligarchism wherever it can occur globally and how it economically represses individuals.

Decentralization allows us to empower the individual, the community, and the whole of humanity, for work to us as nature intended, in harmony.

Good actors benefit and are incentivized to contribute through privileges and rewards for themselves and their community (DAOs). Bad actors take from others, filling their own cup without contributing or being detrimental to the community. Circular economic models allow us to disincentive those behaviors and enable them to do better. Everything is recorded on the blockchain to build your reputation and accountability as an actor. And already, the value of your reputation may be more rewarding than your monetary value. It will incentivize you to become an asset to your community. Every friend can contribute and act as a node to the network.

Why shall we use the term friends instead of users? (And a shout out to FWB for that term) because it frames the terms towards good actors rather than bad ones and systemically rally them to our cause. Different economic models can compete and autonomously interact, join forces, collaborate, and contribute to the entire ecosystem.

Today, this community exists far beyond the financial incentives. To counter this system, we can create circular economies that benefit the entire human species to disincentive the effect of war and favor the contribution to the whole in win/win situations. And let a new kind of system emerge, one that allows humanity to think to earn, create to earn, and where ideas can benefit all of us, as friends of humanity.