Renaud Futterer (Reno) is a french Artist / CREATOR for the Metaverse future

Working in ad & design for 15 years now.
I know all about the crazy feedbacks at 11:30pm.
But I actually teach how to work less for better results.

Inspired by science, computer stuffs, psychology, games, movies, internet, graffiti, street-art, skateboard culture...

Busy researching and building holistic creative systems for web3 ecosystems

simple, impactful, and fun to use.

I think that the simple rules of design apply to many mediums. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

  • I started as a (Graphic/Web) Designer, then Creative or Art Director, depending on how serious you think I am. I worked in advertising/design for 15 years, in Paris, London, and New York, almost any kind of project, from Branding to Physical Space, from Website to Commercial Direction, from Illustration to complex Design Systems.
  • Now I create stuff, projects. I want the big picture. Make systems for businesses, convert customers, develop solutions...

  • I've properly made my own fonts (about 10) before deciding that's not what I wanted to do in the long term. 90% of the fonts visible on this website I've created by hand, including the one you're reading.
  • User Experience design and information architecture, yep I've built an intranet design system for one of my employers used by 400 people worldwide.
  • Social Media Content production, Building responsive, animated design systems for the world-leader in internet payment.
  • Scientific Advertising, Strategy, Marketing, Copywriting & Archetypal story structure
  • I completed a System Thinking course at Cornell because I was too busy. But well... I did not finish it entirely but had 10/10 on every assignment, so what was the point of doing them all? I'm busy putting stuff together, and I have a billion things to study anyway.
  • Just an inquisitive mind, once you'll pass behind my pseudo intimidating looks, I'm an enthusiastic empath longing for connection with others.
  • Some said that my work is prolific, that I'm the fastest designer they know, others said I'm a genius, I think they are all correct.



2007 ー After studying Applied Arts in High School, I moved to Paris to study design and dropped Design School a year later.

I graduated Applied Arts with a modest 19/20 grade on my design work and went on a short admission at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris (just one of the four most prestigious applied arts schools in France). I then started working as a design apprentice for the design studio HKI Hellohikimori where I later became Art Director.

There, I contributed to the success of several award-winning works (FWA, Webby, Promax) for clients such as Louis Vuitton, Diesel, Coca Cola, Orange, or L'Oréal and participated in festival talks (OFFF, MADinSpain) and live press events (Adobe).


2011 ー I moved to London to freelance and switch from Interactive and WebDesign to 3D and motion.

There, I contributed to the success of projects for small brands including Nike, Apple, Google, Microsoft, Disney for renowned award-winning studios such as ManVsMachine, Nexus Production, and Universal Everything.

2015 ー Co-Founded the 3D Design Studio Panoply alongside Mark Lindner.

I ideated, designed, produced, and co-directed our launch project, "A Guide To Happy". Gathering a humble total of one million+ views with press features in Vice mediaMotionographer and Fubiz
Panoply successfully created and produced high-end commercial 3d motion work for small businesses such as Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes.

2018 ー Established an independent practice to study Typography & Design Systems.

I created many typefaces, including the RenoMono free font with a 20K+ download and a five-star rating ✨. I later commissioned and co-directed to design the Brand Identities of League Of Legend Teams (Only the tiny equivalent) Fifa in e-sport) with Matthias Winckelmann from Foam Studio in Berlin.


2019 ー Moved to New York to join BUCK.🗽

After failing miserably to surrender to the long-term joy of mechanical work and the many glories of becoming a typographer, I had been offered to join BUCK as a Senior Art Director to contribute to Brand Activations, Brand Design, and multi-platform Design Systems.

2020 ー Coaching & Mentoring in response to the COVID-19 situation in 2020.

I contributed to helping young professionals and students through free Online Coaching & Mentoring, using Systemic Approach, reviewing portfolios, and providing self-development strategies.

2021 ー Launching numen.

I experimented with creating a platform for Knowledge and Systemic Resources about Creativity, Mental Health & Productivity for the Creators of the future. I then decided that this platform was not the right one for now, but my desire to teach and share knowledge remains.

2021 ー building the metaverse

I am currently building a new upcoming web3 project for the Metaverse.


I workED for SMOL clients such as

and won awardz like those

and been featured and talked at...

Offf, MADiSpain, Youtube HQ, SOHO house, Adobe Live, Vice, Fubiz, Idn, Computer Arts ...


Would you write me a good old email?


Interested in working with me?

Well, I would love to make it a group effort at some point, and I always got crazy projects in the pipeline, so it's always good to keep in touch! I love making friends and connections. I'm an empath, so I love you all and all of you guys, honestly, even if you don't recycle. But please recycle.


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