Creative, Scalable, and Prolific. is a web3 creative design studio, research hub, and production company


About is a web3 creative design studio, research hub, and production company.
We research and build holistic creative systems, tooling, frameworks, and infrastructure for the new era of hyperconnectivity

We connect and collaborate with brands, initiatives, and projects as well as with a network of creatives, artists, directors, designers, 3d artists, illustrators, developers, technologists, crypto experts, thinkers, and innovators from all over the world


3 Reasons the Creator Economy create change.

April 11, 2022

We often hear that the metaverse offers an infinite avenue for creativity. I believe in this argument, and I will aim to demonstrate it.



Regenerating Forces for new kinds of hyper-digital experiences.

Bozoverse is a metaverse Lifestyle & Entertainment brand advocating for digital regeneration

The Creator's Weapon of Mass Creation

Robau aims to build the systems, products, tools, and infrastructure based on our research, allowing you to build Digital Assets seamlessly for the new era of hyperconnectivity

Building an open Metaversity together

Numen is a peer-to-peer holistic platform aggregating Knowledge, Mental Models, and Systemic Resources to Create, Sustain & Lever the Creator Economy




We use a systemic approach to create, build and scale web3 brands, digital assets, and ecosystems

We aim to make the creative process more seamless, by focusing on the process rather than the results, using our creative systems, frameworks, tooling, and infrastructures


Founded by french Artist, Creative Director, and Digital Creator Renaud Futterer who worked in the Creative and Design Industry for 15 years between Paris, London, and New York City

Design Work

Direction Work



Features & Talks

Offf, MADinSpain, Youtube HQ, SOHO house, Adobe Live, Vice, Fubiz, Idn, Computer Arts ...


Collaboration & Partnerships

We are always looking for partners and collaborators, please get in touch!


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