Artist & World Builder

Reno is crafting Art Collectibles, Stories & Experiences.

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Art Collectibles for the Digitally Enlightened.,

a Metaverse Art Project

Bozos & more!

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Branding & Design

Augmenting and Scaling your Brand Identity

Providing Brands & Projects with bespoke voices.

Identity, Design Language & Scalable Systems

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Creative Direction

Taking your Ads & Content Marketing to the next level.

Providing high-quality & idea-led 3d work.

Worldbuilding, Art Direction & 3D

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3 Reasons the Creator Economy create change.

April 11, 2022

We often hear that the metaverse offers an infinite avenue for creativity. I believe in this argument, and I will aim to demonstrate it.


Reno is Renaud Futterer, a French Artist, Designer & Entrepreneur, working in the Creative and Design Industry for 15 years between Paris, London, and New York City.





Features & Talks

Offf, MADinSpain, Youtube HQ, SOHO house, Adobe Live, Vice, Fubiz, Idn, Computer Arts ...

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