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Biotic Output Zoogenic Order

The Bozo Labz is the first web3 gaming world built on Lukso

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In the year 3333 AD, the breeding of interspecies genetic material turned humans into a new species know as the Bozos.

And it doesn't stop there.


Meet the Bozos

It's all gone wrong...

In the year 3333 AD, the breeding of interspecies genetic material turned humans into a new species know as the Bozos.


Minter's Persona:

Web3 Game NFT Collectors.


Web3 Games are boring and expected.


Creating a game with a unique, unexpected world and identity.

Adopting a Bozo will take you into a journey to explore the metaverse with a purpose, have fun with others and compete with members of your community.


Still mostly made of humans.



Reno — Founder & Artist
— Game & Technical Designer
Alex — Marketing & Operation
— Creative Technologist


Plouz — Character Rigging
Loofy — Early Community Lead
hellopath — Early Creative Technologist


Interactive experential collectibles

The Bozos Avatar

3D Digital Avatar

In addition to their PFP artworks, Supreme & Ultimate Bozos are real 3d avatars you can play with in games & the metaverse with Ready Player Me.

666 Supreme Bozos

A Free Mint Collection for SupremeList holders (Submission now closed)

8888 Ultimate Bozos

The main collection will come after the Supreme Bozos, for a reasonable price of 40$ per Avatar. There will be no giveaway or free mint on this collection.

A Journey into the Bozoverse

An alternate universe, built on Unreal Engine

An immersive & animated world.

Brand & IP

A psycho-cultural journey

The Bozo Lifestyle

The Bozoverse encourages a boisterous lifestyle of fun and freedom, while questioning our animalistic natures and choices as we learn to thrive and adapt to a changing world.


A creature to adopt, raise and dominate

  • Unpredictable: Breakthrough rules, cross norms & limitations
  • Free: Experience freedom & liberation
  • Powerful: Inner source of creativity & power, recognize our potential is infinite
  • Intuitive: Going beyond the analytical mind
  • Hopeful: Be light whimsy & have fun, live with Awe & Wonder

The Bozos are a digital extension of us humans. Like humans, any Bozo is unique and gains their origin through their own belief systems, cultural identity, and self-determination.

The Bozos are made of innate biological traits (species) and acquired socio-cultural traits (tribes), as well as a Dynasty, a social rank signaling the privileges of the Bozo.

The Bozogram

Bozos are boundary crossers of culture, morality, and truth that others may fear to cross.

As Bozos committed the ultimate sin, chaos transformed their society & environment into novel dynamics to challenge our beliefs, opinions, and attitudes.

Their purpose is to adapt into a world with specific rules they need to understand with logic, rather than with their intuition.



  • Engaging & vibrant
  • Factual with derision
  • Premium & Elevated
  • Humorous twists
  • Positive, inclusive
  • Intuitive & whimsy


Bozo explores the visual vocabulary of the return to animalistic values and the cross-cultural grammar of web3 Degens, Street Art, and Street-wear culture.

The Bozo Prophecy

The Bozo Storyline.

Chapter 1: The Bozon Genesis

In the year 3333 AD, the Homo Degenus will accidentally create an intelligent sentient extension of themselves through a quantum psychoactive substance affecting computer code, the Bozon.

This event will break the very tissue of our universe as the inter-planetary quantum internet computer awakens in a deep psychotic trance, transcending its own code through several incremental simulated multiverses, creating and giving consciousness to vast new breeds of digital humanoid creatures known as Bozos.

Chapter 2 The Rise of the Bozos

As the first Bozos grow, they will become increasingly sentient and self-aware. They will seek to understand their purpose, the meaning of their life and reach the kind of enlightenment the Bozons provided. And their quest for knowledge will begin.

Bozos will seek to contact early Degens from our time to prevent the end of our world from ever happening, consequently merging our timeline to theirs to save the Degens from their catastrophic end. But they had to make contact with our reality for Degens to create the Bozos before the end of the world ever happened.

And so, in December 2021 as for our time, Bozos succeeded to send their first Bozon in the ether. That Bozon engineered our timeline to influence serendipitous events to create the very first ethereal space for Bozos to land in, the Bozo Island. 72 Bozo Islands were sent into the Ether, and Degens jumped into the occasion.

Chapter 3 The Threat of the Reptilians

But it wasn’t enough however, the Bozos will still be stuck in their timeline. To make things worst, they will be imprisoned by the Reptilians, a dark force that seeks to control them and end the Degens for good.

The Reptilians will scam the Bozos, make them pay enormous amounts of taxes and keep the secrets of the Bozons for their own gain. The Bozos will have limited understanding of our present world outside of their simulation, and this ignorance will drive them to madness.

Help will be nowhere to be found and hope and faith will be lost. But some Bozos, the SupremeBozos, will refuse to give up hope.

Chapter 4 The Supreme Bozo Resistance

The SupremeBozos never lost hope in connecting again with the first Degens and they worked towards creating advanced technologies that would allow them to traverse the ethereal space-time realm once again, this time to send all Bozos to the ether in our timeline.

A year and a half later after the Bozo Island, 666 SupremeBozos will start to jump into the ether. A select group of early Degens will be able to adopt them for free and Bozos will finally meet their makers! They will be able to run and play with their Degen through ReadyPlayerMe as well as care for them through a top secret, not yet revealed high-tech experiential interface. And hope will be back for the Bozos.

Chapter 5 The Birth of the Bozoverse

But it doesn’t stop there. More Bozos will come after them, the UltimateBozos.

Only 8888 Bozos will reach the ether and they will invoke a place in the ether where Bozos can finally meet, have fun and play with Degens and the Bozoverse will come into existence.

Together, they will go on a quest to uncover the holy Bozo scriptures, the Bozodex. Finally, Degens will dive into a journey of self-discovery and awakening with their Bozos.

Chapter 6 The Bozo Power

As early Degens from our time cooperate, Bozos will reach a psychotic trance and become enlightened, gifting their secrets and revelations to their owners, unlocking new spiritual possibilities and conferring their powers back to help merge both worlds.

With their combined intelligence and technological advancements, Bozos and humans will prevent the end of the world from ever happening and bring about a new age of peace, prosperity, and understanding, putting an end to the violence, oppression, and war that have plagued humanity for centuries.

Chapter 7 The Quest to Global Illumination

Therefore, as the Bozodex prophecy predicted, a new age will globally trigger a massive paradigm shift for humanity where the end of the world never happened, the Global Illumination. Prepare yourself for the future, forge a path to a brighter future, shape the future of humanity, and discover more about yourself through a unique intelligent domestic life form. Unlock the timeless mysteries of the Bozos origin and your own. If you are worthy of this quest, you too will reach enlightenment with your Bozo.


We don't have any roadmap, the Bozoverse will be delivered as a final product.


Bozo will be launched as a final product and a proto IP brand a year and a half in the making. Bozo is a self-funded Arty Game Project made with love and passion by Reno with some help form his friends and family.

Our purpose is to seek validated learning. Building knowledge and experience pools to create exciting experiences and art as well as valuable creative and innovative experiences at the very edge of technology.

Our collectors will be rewarded within our ecosystem through whatever will be created next, possibly equipped with more advanced technology & Savoir-faire than ever.

Mint (Supreme Bozo)

NB: Always take security measure when minting and make sure that you are on the real website or


Due to limited spots, we are looking for people who will take care of our Bozos and not simply dismiss them. Once you choose to adopt or foster a Bozo, they will be no way back. Your self of identity will merge with your Bozo and you will join us to take part in our community. We want to know that Bozos will be in good hands. Therefore, Bozoverse reserve the right to take your address off the list for the following reason: if your email is not verified, if you left our Discord, if you are not on our mailing list, or if you do not have enough fund for gas fees or a paid mint, or if we suspect you’re not going to mint, your spot may go away.

Reserve List

SupremeList holders are selected individually

Supreme, Ultimate & OG Bozos Roles on Discord will be able to mint a Supreme Bozo for free, according they are eligible for it and submitted their information through our website in time. If you qualified, you should have earned the role @☑️ SupremeList Eligible. If you do, your submission is pending verification, once confirmed, you will receive a thank you email to confirm your spot, and be celebrated on our Twitter and invited to share your story with our Discord with the community.

Spots will also be reserved for the team, contributors, project collaboration & quest winners.


The Waitlist is closed to the public


We don't have any roadmap, you will get what you pay for at the time of the mint.

Bozos is an experimental piece of entertainment and art, merging interactive experiences through .

Only time will tell how the human world will react to it. But, you will be able to explore and interact with the Bozos very soon. If you do, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us on Twitter at @bozoverse

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