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Embark on a whimsical odyssey as Bozo, the lovable hero, exploring vibrant worlds, vanquishing mischievous robots, and mastering the art of survival in an enchanting platformer shooter where creativity, skill, and endless fun intertwine.
Crafting an Engaging Interactive Experience


This game prototype takes players on a journey through an enchanting world brimming with color, energy, and creativity. As the lead protagonist, Bozo, players will engage in a thrilling quest to explore diverse environments, dismantle malicious robots, amass valuable rewards, and enhance their skills and weaponry.

The core loop forms the foundation of a thrilling and addictive gameplay experience. The aim is for Players to become irresistibly drawn into a dynamic cycle of exploration, combat, and progress exploration, combat, and progression cycle. As Players venture through vibrant worlds, engaging in enthralling battles and slays enemies, they are continuously rewarded with valuable loot and resources.

These rewards will be used to upgrade their avatar's skills and unlock a diverse range of weapons, ensuring an ever-evolving playstyle.

With a scalable approach, the game's core loop paves the way for future expansions and updates, enabling the seamless integration of fresh content and challenges, keeping players immersed and eager to return for more adventurous escapades.

Battle the Mischievous Robots

Brace yourself for thrilling robot showdowns! Use your wits and sharp shooting skills to defeat an army of mischievous robots. Blast, dodge, and outmaneuver them with a range of powerful weapons and innovative tactics.

Collect Rewards and Unleash Upgrades

As you progress through the levels, collect rewards scattered across the terrain. These treasures will fuel your journey to become a true hero! Upgrade Bozo's skills and unlock new, more powerful weapons to conquer even the toughest of foes.

Explore and avoid traps

Players will find themselves immersed in a captivating world of exploration and danger. As Bozo sets out on a thrilling quest, they must navigate through breathtaking environment while remaining ever-vigilant for cunningly placed traps. The thrill of exploration is accompanied by the excitement of skillfully avoiding traps, making every achievement even more rewarding. As players master the art of combat and evasion, they will uncover hidden treasures and secrets that add depth and intrigue to the game.

Stay Alive

In this game, survival becomes the ultimate test of skill and resilience. As players delve deeper into the vibrant yet perilous world, they must navigate through a myriad of challenges to stay alive. Bozo's journey is fraught with cunning enemies, treacherous obstacles, and relentless foes that seek to hinder progress. The thrill of staying alive fuels a sense of accomplishment, and with each victorious survival, players gain the confidence to face even greater adversaries.

Level Up

As Bozo conquers each level and overcomes formidable challenges, they earn valuable experience points that gradually elevate their skills and abilities. With every "Level Up," players unlock new, exciting gameplay elements, from enhanced combat techniques to powerful weapon upgrades. As the game evolves, so does Bozo, transforming them from a novice adventurer into a formidable hero, ready to face even greater trials in the pursuit of glory.

Environment Design

Crafting Immersive Worlds


Step into a kaleidoscope of colors and breathtaking landscapes. Each level is a unique realm waiting to be explored. From lush forests to mysterious caves and futuristic cities, Bozo's world is an artistic masterpiece brought to life.

Level Design

Crafting Exciting Game Levels

Tokens Design

Crafting Exciting Tokens

Spatial Unity SDK

Unleashing Creativity with Unity's Spatial Creator Toolkit


This game prototype is brought to life using the powerful Spatial Unity SDK, coupled with the efficiency and versatility of visual scripting.

The Spatial Unity SDK's robust features provide the groundwork for testing, providing an interactive experience that effortlessly blends online play and collaboration.

Sadly, due to technical and creative constraints within Spatial, this game will not be pursued to its final development.

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