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February 1, 2024

When building a character, there are a few step one will take to make this asset game & animation ready. I aimed for a simple character, yet ended up with too much details. I shall aim to make those character more minimal as I'm aiming to simplify my style. Although the end is fairly successful, mostly due to the render, the shapes are too homogenous and lack interest. The head is a bit dull and gross, but the visual responses are consistent. Yet the style is consistent and my details in ZBrush are getting sharper. I use the brushes from Mike Andrew Nash and a couple of them really helped create the detailled style. Yet I do see how the detail is shy and I feel that I can go deeper, as some things may not be visible at a greater distance or screen scale, even when scultping roughly full framed. Maybe even to cut out part from each others.

Hi-Poly model

I do enjoy the translucent material in mech. Yet it does make it quite busy visually, I should aim to use it with my more minimal details, maybe in combination with more material, some as a colored plastic (orange?) to use as high-vis features.

His design was not well thought out. It lacks fluidity and is too blocked / fuse together, stuck and rigid. Not feline at all!


The initial board and concept went into a prompt typed in Krea AI. Altough I do look forward to use more of ComfyUI and the amount of control you can get, it seem a bit more tidious. Interesting how Boldtron already have a AI trained style on KreaAI. I thought his model was the most succesful as to get to what I aimed for and yet, I see how getting to the thing you want will always take a lot of effort, even with AI. I hope that the AI design industry will aim for more concrete tools for creators vs prompt (and a few gadget) only. I am happy that I manage to overpass my resistance to it, and to be able to use the best tool, in particular Stable Diffusion.

Prompt: image in style sks, unique abstract samurai fantastic minimal Robot knight anime toy with white and orange plastic, studio lit, plain background. Model: VISCOUS BOLDTRON