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Palm NFT





The Palm ecosystem is built as a breeding ground for explosive creativity.We targeted an aesthetic that could flex to a variety of themes, chief among them organic-digital; but also growth, transformation, and balance. We crafted a tech-jungle — a unique array of generated shapes that systematically create an eclectic yet refined design language.

  • Executive Creative Director Kevin Walker
  • Creative Director Camille Chu
  • Associate Creative Director Liron Eldar-Ashkenazi / Shannon Jager /Vinicius Naldi
  • Design Lead Renaud Futterer
  • Design Adam Brandon / Kenni Huang
  • Creative Strategy Director Marla Moore
  • Brand Strategist Elizabeth Vogstberger / James Moore
  • Creative Technologist Donovan Keith / Michael Delaney / Tayler Johnson
  • Global Head of Production Emily Rickard